LEADING And THRIVING Through UnCertainty, UnPredictability And Chaos​

“The objective now must be to crush uncertainty as soon as possible.” – McKinsey

A significant unexpected adverse event could determine a business, as well as an individual, to have four types of responses:

Collapse – a long-term loss of normal functioning,
Survival – in which one could maintain functional, only at a lower level than before the adverse event
Resilience, bounce back – return to normal functioning, and
Thriving, bounce forward – “the better-off-afterward experience” in response to adversity.
What is your response to the challenges we are all facing today?

Thriving is defined as “the effective mobilization of individual and social resources in response to risk or threat, leading to positive mental or physical outcomes and/or positive social outcomes...[it is] an adaptive response to challenge [which] represents something more than a return to equilibrium”

- Ickovics and Park (1998)

Are You ready to level-up?

We’ve created two Transformational Coaching Processes to help you thrive in the turbulent and unpredictable world of today

LEADING And THRIVING Through UnCertainty, UnPredictability And Chaos

A  1 on 1 Transformational Coaching Process designed to help you learn the most crucial life skill that you can possibly have and show you how to develop the ability to comfortably navigate in a highly uncertain and chaotic environment.

THRIVING In The Mist Of UnCertainty And Challenging Situations

This Group Transformational Group Coaching process is helping you to develop your ability to adapt and grow your business despite of unstable and challenging economic situation?

Note: The two Transformational Coaching Processes are not identical.