Manage fear anxiety and stree in leadership role

How To Never Be Controlled By Fear AND ANXIETY AGAIN...

Managing Fear, Anxiety and stress in leadership role

A Transformative Process that helps you (for the rest of your life)


By Reaping The Benefits Of Scientific Research In Less than 3 Hours, Not Years and Move from being managed by fear and anxiety to managing them!

A microscopic virus is spreading across the world, unsettling global business. A large-scale human tragedy unfolds while spreading a pandemic of Fear and UnCertainty. It is hard to think about anything else right now as the brain is paralyzed by Fear, Anxiety and obsessive thinking.

The energy of panic is causing people to behave in ways that, when they look back later, they will be shocked by what they’ve been capable of.

Anxiety is limiting people’s lives in surprising ways, many of which may not seem to be due to anxiety.

It’s not uncommon for business leaders and owners to feel stuck as never before.
To become paralyzed, frozen by Fear, and avoid making decisions when everything around is falling apart.
UnCertainty, chaos, and lots of the struggles faced in business and society as a whole today come from ONE THING ONLY.

Let me ask you now:

Does anxiety get in the way of your ability to be an effective leader? 
What consumes your mind?
What are you afraid of? Or should I say, anxious?
What’s stopping you from making the right decision?


 It is your FEAR or Anxiety!

Is it Fear real, or is it just an illusion made up in the mind? DANGER is real, and getting infected is a real danger. Everything else besides the real threat of the infectious disease is it something that you make up in your mind. It is how you interpret and make sense of what is happening in your world.

How did Fear, anxiety, worry or nerves interfere with your performance and well-being? 

Take a moment to mentally note how they negatively affects you.

What is limiting you, now?

  • Fear of change and of the unknown.
  • You fear the future and the NOW.
  • You fear success.
  • You fear failure.
  • You are afraid of losing your job or your business.

If you are a business leader, what do you fear the most today?

  • Fear of Better Options (FOBO) that leads you to anxiety, indecision, frustration, stress, regret, and unhappiness and decision making is painful;
  • Maybe you are afraid of being found out to be incompetent, the “imposter syndrome.”
  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO);
  • Maybe you are afraid of appearing too vulnerable and foolish;
  • Fear of making mistakes,
  • Fear of underachieving,
  • Fear of not being able to find and retain A-players;
  • Fear of being politically attacked by colleagues.

As an entrepreneur in these turbulent times, what are you afraid of?

  • Fear of taking risks;
  • Fear of financial issues;
  • Fear of failure;
  • Fear of rejection;
  • Fear of acceptance;
  • Fear of being mediocre;
  • Fear of falling prey to the “fears.”

All these perceived Business-Related Fear have an effect on the quality of human performance in the workplace, which is profit destroying impacting the Business Performance directly.

Do you know it is possible right now to learn, based on neuroscience HOW to Shortcut your brain fear circuit?

In fact, knowing and applying these strategies Instantly allows you to get control over your Fear instead of being paralyzed and controlled by it…regardless of the reason that makes you.

More importantly, do you also know these strategies completely eliminate any feelings of perceived Fear (the fear that is not a real danger or threat to your life)?

Enhance attendee's understanding about:

  • Root of fear and anxiety, and how to make a distinction between the two. 
  • Why and how neuroscience applied into the business world can help you understand and manage fear, anxiety and stress response during chaotic times.
  • Brain based leverage points which short circuit fear and stress reactions. Knowing how the fear circuitry works in your brain will allow you to recognize instantly when your Fear is activated by any perceived danger taking control over your life and your behavior.
  • The pathway of anxiety, and how to recognize it. 
  • Learning how you can re-routes stress reactions. This is powerful because you can transform stress into your desirable states.
  • 6 simple and effective Strategies to use to shortcut and interrupt your Fear Circuit and anxiety pathway. You’ll be able to take control of your anxiety based on where it’s been created. This is a big help because you will never have to worry that Fear, anxiety and related stress will control your life and behavior.
  • Why logic and reasoning don’t help on reducing fear and anxiety.
  • How to boost brain-based confidence and perform at your peak prior to important meetings and difficult conversations.

In a few short hours, you will completely change the way you view the world and never let Fear control your life and affect your personal or professional performance.

You have the chance to understand how much Fear limits you in your life. And how much have you lost in your life because of these limitations.

You will never miss again those moments when you can shine and stand out.

Have you ever tried to give value to all these things that you want, but you don’t have in your life because your Fear stopped you from having them?

The BEST part is these strategies are quickly learned and easily retained based on your body ability, and they work regardless of the Fear. Because your body and your nervous system have this ability.

What will learn how to use what nature was so generous and gifted you with.  You already have everything you need at your disposal to achieve whatever you wish for.

Everything is based on science, most of which you already know to some degree. Effective, yet simple to learn and apply.

  • If you are looking for a practical way to help you get in control of you Fear and Anxiety and
  • You want to have the ability to perform at your best when stakes are high,
  • You want something that you can learn and apply easily and successfully in your daily life,
  • then this transformative coaching and training process is for you.

If you keep wondering “how can I get control over my Fear so I can live a Fearless life and I can achieve my goals, and find the best opportunity for me?”, our process is helping you answer your question.

Technical details:

  • this is an individual training and coaching process, 1 on 1, delivered online, so can be detailed to your specific situation.
  • the training session is about 3 hours long, including Q&A. 
  • 1 on 1online  coaching session (60 min), to overcome one fear you choose to work on.

The process can be adapted for groups and teams, and redesigned to meet your specific needs.


This program does not address disorders related to fear such as post-traumatic stress disorder, phobia, or equivalent which require professional help. 


2 online session 1 on 1, of training and coaching.


* 30 days email follow up after the session 1

* 30 minutes follow up online free coaching session (30 days after completion)


2 online sessions 1 on 1, of training and coaching as above

* 30 days email follow up after the session 1

* 30 minutes follow up online free coaching session (30 days after completion)

“Fear is the mind killer”

-Frank Herbert

Have The Best Experience Ever

We bring to you a revolutionary transformational coaching process, in which Raluca blends her experience as a former C-Level with Neuroscience, Quantum Mechanics Principles and NLP. Raluca decided to pull back the curtain on some of the most effective and advanced tools and tactics she has used as an Executive, and have helped her to navigate unpredictable events. For the first time, outside of corporate offices, all these become available to the public.
Raluca Radu
Mental Coach