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The way we do something is the way we do everything.

To operate in the world we develop mental strategies, a series and sequence of internal and external representations which consistently produces the same specific result. Every time we do something,  we use the same sequence of steps, much like a recipe, that we run through automatically in order to achieve a specific outcome.

Without being aware, people have strategies for every type of behaviour including:

Decision Making • Solving Problems • Hiring People • Choosing Partners • Depression •  Shyness •  Motivation • Procrastination •  Wealth •  Poverty • Love

Our Coaching Can Help You upgrade your mental strategies in every area of your life where you have same negative outcome.

Decision Making

Manage Your Emotions

Objective Reality

World-Class Thinking

Sustained Concentration

World-Class Belief System


Supreme Confidence

Handle Criticism

Deal with Conflict For Growth

The Power Of Conversation

Achieve Your Strategic Vision

Self Discipline

Brain Trusts

Mental Organization

Overcoming Obstacles

Deal With Failure

The Power Of Feedback

Manage Fear

Set High Expectations

Reduce Stress

Build and Strengthen Relationships

Impostor Syndrome

Values & Hierarchy of Values

Anything you want to work on.


STEP 1: Think of what you want to upgrade, choosing from the list or whatever your needs and wants are.

STEP 2: Choose your frequency to fit your goals and budget.

We offer two options to fit your goals and budget. Both options include:
1:1 sessions with your coach: You’ll meet with your coach one-on-one based on the frequency of your choosing.
Tailored assignments: When appropriate, your coach will assign you coaching activities to develop and enhancing your coaching experience.

4 Sessions
of 60 minutes each

Meet with me once
per week
and make immediate progress
towards your goals.

€497 monthly

2 Sessions
of 60 minutes each

Meet with me twice to balance
your busy schedule while maintaining momentum
towards your long terms goals.

€297 monthly

Coaching with me is not a long-term commitment as with therapy. It’s a short-term investment for far-reaching, life-long results. Invest in yourself today.

Don't know where to start or if it is for you?

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