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Why we do it

A virus outbreak is challenging as never before the worldwide economy and people’s daily lives, and it is having far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease.

There are 3 significant impacts of the outbreak that we have to face right now.

  1. The effects of coronavirus on physical health.
  2. The virus also has had a “major impact” on people’s mental health, as it is not easy to deal with social isolation, loss of jobs, and  businesses.
  3. The economic and financial crisis that is the consequence of all these and is already affecting us all.

The current pandemic and the associated uncertainty, grief, and financial strife pose an unprecedented threat to current and future mental health.

Society can and should take action. Because we do!

We are here to help you with your mental wellbeing in these turbulent times.

Our Mission


Build a resilient brain and Lead the way from the future as it emerges

We exist to help leaders to build a resilient brain and inner emotional resilience, to be able to co-create a viable future in which they adapt and grow.

In a world that can rapidly and shockingly change overnight, we guide you not only to learn to navigate through uncertainty, unpredictability, and chaos but to THRIVE in it!

We guide you not only to learn to navigate through uncertainty, unpredictability, and chaos but to THRIVE in it! 

To help leaders and super-achievers to build a resilient brain and inner emotional resilience, to be able to co-create a viable future in which you  adapt and grow through chaos, adversity, and disruption.

We do this through our proprietary transformational coaching and training processes and other exclusive high-performance, peak performance, and mental toughness resources.

Our mission

We do not know what skills are required for the “new normal.” What is visible for the foreseeable future is that we all have to learn to navigate amid ambiguity, complexity, uncertainty, unpredictability, and chaos as the new norm.

Leadership, as never before, is challenged by too many crises at the same time.

The aftermath of the virus pandemic is resulting in a secondary epidemic of burnouts and a wide range of symptoms of psychological stress and disorders, creating a global mental health crisis.

On top of dealing with increased stress, there are spurring financial uncertainty and anxieties.

What is unique in our solutions for your organization and leadership roles?

In our proprietary, cutting-edge transformative training and coaching processes, we integrate neuroscience, quantum mechanics, ancient knowledge, peak performance, mental toughness, the psychology of high performance in sports, and NLP into the business world.

We apply a brain-based coaching approach rooted in neuroscience, using the latest insights into how the brain works to co-create yet more powerful, positive, and transformational changes. We do it in weeks, not in years.

How we do it

We create and deliver cutting-edge transformative training and coaching processes that integrate neuroscience, quantum mechanics, ancient knowledge, peak performance, mental toughness, and NLP into the business world. 

We stand out among the crowd

Our proprietary transformational processes address, one of the most essential sets of skills you can have in living life, especially in this turbulent and chaotic times. 

The ability to build a RESILIENT BRAIN – is becoming an invaluable advantage in the high-pressure, technology-rich, turbulent, and unpredictable world faced by leaders and knowledge workers today.

Our transformational processes represent an opportunity to achieve extraordinary things by:

  • Learning how to understand and how to influence your mind and your brain, 
  • Learning how to update your mental operating system and shift mindset. 
  • Learning how to give the right meaning of what is happening around you.
  • And, most importantly, how to apply all of these to real life. 

We share our perspective so you can use everything you learn more creatively and be able to adapt it to your doing.

Traditional coaching is taking you from A to B. 

With our transformational processes, you develop the ability to navigate your brain and build your mental and inner emotional resilience. You grow to a new level of being and doing.  You shift your life to a new level of awareness. You level up!

Our process

We blend education and coaching in our processes to help you build the ability to apply everything in your daily life when you need it. This way, you can succeed and achieve on your own, and you do not need us every step of the way, we teach you to “fly high.”

We base our transformational processes on solid research ranging from neuroscience to quantum mechanics, mental toughness, peak performance, the psychology of high performance in sports, creativity, innovation, NLP, and Hypnosis. Our coaching approach is brain-based.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

- Lao Tzu

Are you ready to level up?

Meet The founder

Raluca Radu founded Super Achievers in 2016 to bring to life her fascination for the human mind. She left the corporate world as a CFO of a group of companies, to embrace the Unknown, the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster, as a business consultant, trainer, and mental coach.

Today, Raluca is creating cutting-edge transformative processes to help executives and business leaders to navigate amid Uncertainty and challenging circumstances and chaos.

Hello dear friend,

Welcome to the fascinated world of the Super Achievers.

We bring to you revolutionary transformative coaching processes, in which Raluca blends her 20 years experience as a former C-Level and business consultant with Neuroscience, Quantum Mechanics Principles, peak performance, mental toughness, psychology of high performance in sports and NLP, all brought into the business world.

Through her own journey in finance leadership roles, Raluca had to navigate mergers and acquisitions, spin-off, hyperinflation, 9/11, 2008 recession, layoffs, and other unpredictable events. She is familiar with the level of stress of white nights, the pressure, and the huge responsibility of hundreds of lives affected by your decisions, and the family that also needs you.

Raluca decided to pull back the curtain on some of the most effective and advanced tools and tactics she has used as an Executive, and have helped her to navigate unpredictable events. For the first time, outside of corporate offices, all these become available to the public.

& bespoke.

latest researches on the field of neuroscience and high-performance tailored to support you in your achievements

Building resilient minds for the challenges of the future

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We are here for the infamous “crazy ones” that think they can change the world.
The ones others call Misfits, Rebels, or Troublemakers. The ones who see things differently, and most importantly, in our challenging times, RE-Think differently and DO things differently because they know they can change the world.