Attention Management in the Age of Distraction

by Building Habits of Attention

If you struggle and ever wondered why time management techniques do not work for you, here is good news. 

There is nothing wrong with you or the way you do things. The truth is that you can’t manage time per se, and in our age and time, that’s a wrong approach from the start.

Here’s why:

  • Knowledge workers are creating value through ideas, decisions, creativity, innovation, collaboration, customer experience, and outcomes. All these do not fit in the time management paradigm of being in a space for a certain amount of time and producing an agreed number of  units per hour as on a factory floor.
  • We work in a world that is always on, full of smart devices and apps that are screaming for our attention and distracting us from what is most important. We are bombarded daily with emails, requests, news, adds, notifications making us anxious.

Especially, managers and leaders suffer from information overload and tasks overwhelm. Anxiety stemming from fear of better options or of missing out, for making mistakes and underachieving, is adding up to the mental clutter and loss of focus.

The aftermath of high expectations, conflicting deadlines, multitasking combined with constant distractions, have many managers and leaders lost their ability to focus and concentrate.They turned in a sort of robots, moving from one task to the next, unable to bring all their attention to one activity for more than a few minutes at a time, in the best case.

Racing from task to task or from call to call people results in little time for planning, reflection, renewal, and achievements. Missing nuances in conversation, typing, and talking at the same time, reacting at every notification, they miss key information due to their continuously dividing attention.
Busyness is the new “badge of honor.” It is the opposite of productivity, as we feel overwhelmed.
Overwhelming is so unpleasant, making people reach for convenient distraction to deal with it by “creative avoidance.”
And all these are making them feel:
Down. Depressed. Overtired.

Overstressed. Overworked. Overstimulated.

Over-scheduled. Unmotivated. Burnt-out.

When distracted and unfocused, employees at all levels become problematic for any organization.

What happens when managers and leaders are indulging in these types of behavior? 

They fail to bring their full attention and their executive mental functions to their responsibilities.

What can help is that leaders and managers operate at a higher level of how they manage their attention.
The proliferation of digital technology and media, demands people’s attention, creating distractions.

Today the global economy has shifted from a material-based economy to one based on the capacity of human attention.

“The wealth of information creates a poverty of attention,” that is the reason why the Information Age has become the Attention Age.

Everything is pushed at you in ways that are designed to command and control your attention by distracting you.

Distraction is the opposite of attention, the new epidemic at work.

That makes attention a finite resource, and those leaders who understand this now begin to manage their attention intelligently.

"Understanding and managing attention is now the single most important determinant of business success"

- The Attention Economy

Attention is the 21st Century rarest, and most valuable skill.

  • It has been shown that Attention produces state-of-art-results and is one component of breakthrough, a real solution to elevate your game.
  • It drives productivity, accountability, and ultimately increases your bottom line.
  • Attention “is the hard currency of cyberspace. As the Net becomes an increasingly strong presence in the overall economy, the flow of Attention will not only anticipate the flow of money but eventually replace it altogether”.
  • NOTHING is free in this world. You pay everything with one of the most valuable and limited resources you have today, your attention,  you ”Pay Attention.”
  • Attention is a skill that can be learned! 
  • What controls your Attention, controls your life!
  • Attention is a limited resource, and you must wisely choose how you invest your cognitive cash!

Today is requiring you to train in ways you have never anticipated before. Uncertainty and complexity demand new approaches to adapt to the rapidly changing environment

Attendee's Benefits:

  • getting specific knowledge, frameworks, and practices that can be used immediately to boost productivity, amplify your performance and maximize achievements;
  • reduce stress arising from reactive behavior;
  • maximize your Brainpower, your key factor for success, and high-performance;
  • get more time and energy to allocate into activities that matter the most.
  • How attention and quantum mechanic are influencing your life and  are preparing you to take the reins of your life as a conscious creator.
  • Attention is the behavioral and cognitive process of selectively concentrating on a discrete aspect of information, whether considered subjective or objective while ignoring other perceivable information.

We will explore:

How to regain control of your Attention:

  • How building habits of attention can bring more conscious attention and awareness to your activities, actions, and your life;
  • Learn to Shift your Attention as one of the most valuable skills.
  • How to simplify, free up, and use your Brainpower to protect yourself from stress and burn-out.
  • How your brain works on attention- the neuroscience of attention
  • When you build habits of Attention, you are creating neuroplasticity in your brain, that helps your brain adapt easily to new circumstances.
  • Learn how to use wisely your mental power and energy so you become more creative and productive.

Learning techniques that you can use to amplify your performance:

  • When and how to be deliberated with your Attention; 
  • How to make Attention helps you achieve your most desirable results using the quantum mechanics principles. The laws of physics function even if you are aware of them or not. 
  • Getting into the “Flow” state or “the Zone” – the high-performance and peak performance brain-state. Learning practical techniques for getting into the flow and maintaining it for as long as you want. You will be able to enter the Flow state every time you want and to integrate it into work and life. It will completely change everything you do and your life.
  • How to quickly clear your “mental cache” so you can focus on your tasks, problem-solving, decision making, etc.
  • Mindfulness to increase your awareness, a technique that is suitable for the business world, and it is based on Harvard psychologist research, without requiring meditation.

Techniques are easy to learn and you can apply immediately in any area of your life, any time you need it.
During the training, you have the chance to learn a lot about your brain and your own attention, in ways that will change how you do things for the rest of your life.

Technical details:

  • This is an individual training and coaching process, 1 on 1, delivered online, giving you the chance to adapt it to your specific situation.
  • The training session is about 3 hours long, including Q&A.
  • The 1 on 1 online coaching session (60 min), to experience the impact of shifting attention on your life.

The Attention Management In The Age Of Distraction process can be adapted for groups and teams and redesigned to meet your organization specific needs.


2 online session 1 on 1, of training and coaching.


* 30 days email follow up after the session 1

* 30 minutes follow up online free coaching session (30 days after completion)


2 online sessions 1 on 1, of training and coaching as above

* 30 days email follow up after the session 1

* 30 minutes follow up online free coaching session (30 days after completion)

Have The Best Experience Ever

We bring to you a revolutionary transformational coaching process, in which Raluca blends her experience as a former C-Level with Neuroscience, Quantum Mechanics Principles and NLP. Raluca decided to pull back the curtain on some of the most effective and advanced tools and tactics she has used as an Executive, and have helped her to navigate unpredictable events. For the first time, outside of corporate offices, all these become available to the public.
Raluca Radu
Mental Coach

Sustained attention is the easier, the richer in acquisitions and the fresher and more original the mind. In such minds, subjects bud and sprout and grow. At every moment, they please by a new consequence and rivet the attention afresh. But an intellect unfurnished with materials, stagnant, unoriginal, will hardly be likely to consider any subject long. A glance exhausts its possibilities of interest. Geniuses are commonly believed to excel other men in their power of sustained attention… Their ideas coruscate, every subject branches infinitely before their fertile minds, and so for hours they may be rapt.

- William James on Genius and Attention